A story of a man that changed adversity into success he became immortalized through his music and paved the way for many artistes to achieve their dreams. In 1956 Nat King Cole became the first African American artiste to have his own television show on NBC the show was a huge success and brought you classic songs such as Mona Lisa, When I Fall In love, Smile and The Christmas Song. Nat was a reluctant singer but incredibly with his 100th Anniversary fast approaching he has been immortalized, worshiped and adored for his velvet voice and sill recognized worldwide as one of the greatest entertainers ever.
Nat King Cole was born on the 17th March 1919 in the town of Montgomery Alabama and incredibly ONE HUNDRED YEARS LATER we are still listening to his music and his songs are hugely popular worldwide. The affection for Nat King Cole and his music stems from those privileged enough to have see him perform live and the lucky ones who, in their youth, danced and romanced to his music. For some, their love of Nat King Cole developed from hearing his music played by their parents and grandparents, magical feelings conjured from those happy memories are truly heart-warming

Today we listen to Nat King Cole’s music on the radio, films and in countless TV adverts. His amazing voice signals the festive season and his music is played literally everywhere you happen go at Christmas time, from shops, airports and arenas to your own front room. In 1943 Nat King Cole was signed to Capitol Records Los Angeles, California and because of Nat's success at Capitol, the studio in downtown Hollywood was affectionately known as The House That Nat Built. Even though he left us too young aged just 45, his legacy lives on through his music, Nat King Cole 100 Years is a show that captures perfectly the magic and memory of the Unforgettable Nat King Cole.